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Several Arrested over defamation towards Kyabazinga person Life

Ssemaganda Moses Hope



The Church of Uganda has said it has not seen any evidence to the effect that Kyabazinga Wilberforce Nadiope Gabula of Busoga was previously married, as alleged by a woman who is trying to stop the monarch’s upcoming wedding.Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu was petitioned by one Alison Anna Gabula on November 8, 2023; seeking to have the looming royal wedding cancelled.Alison alleges that she got married to the Kyabazinga in December 2016 in Portsmouth, England, under Marriage Certificate AK594729L.She claims further, that they have two children aged eight and six.“This serves to notify the church of our client’s objection and request that the honorable Church of Uganda does not proceed to wed Mr. William Kadhumbula Gabula, the Kyabazinga of Busoga with Ms Jovia Mutesi during the subsistence of our client’s marriage as the same would amount to bigamy and contrary to church norms,” Alison through her lawyers of Mugerwa & Partners says.

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The Busoga Kingdom which was copied into the petition, today Saturday, November 11, issued a statement revealing that no evidence was provided to them or to the Church of Uganda, showing that King Nadiope was married to Alison.Prime Minister Joseph Muvawala revealed that he contacted Archbishop Kaziimba who told him that no marriage certificate or any form of evidence was availed to the church by Alison.“The Kingdom has since contacted the Arch Bishop Church of Uganda, who has confirmed receipt of the same and notes that although the said letter under paragraph 2 makes reference to a marriage certificate as attached Annexure A, none was supplied to the Arch Bishop or Bishop of Busoga Diocese as alleged,” Muvawala stated.“For the record, His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope IV has never been married to anyone under the known forms of marriage in Uganda and elsewhere, has never sired any children, is not a British citizen and the purported Alison Anne Gabula is unknown to him and has never been married to His Majesty,” added the premier.

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“There is no record of any marriage of His Majesty in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world and the content of the said letter is subject to police investigations.”Meanwhile, Muvawala revealed that the Kingdom has since filed a police case against Alson and the people behind her malicious campaign.

He further revealed that a number of people have been arrested by the police to help with the investigations.“The investigations have since led to the arrest of some culprits who are offering useful guides on the motive and persons behind these social media blackmail activities and the general public will be notified on subsequent actions and prosecutions,” he added.

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“The Kingdom has also instructed its lawyers to commence civil and criminal proceedings against all persons involved in these criminal activities and ensure that all involved and their accomplices are prosecuted accordingly.”The Kyabazinga is scheduled to wed Jovia Mutesi on November 18, 2023, at Christ’s Cathedral – Bugembe

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