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pay me 2 billions as Compensation Alison Anna Nadiope demands Kyabazinga hours to wedding day

Ssemaganda Moses Hope



Alison Anna Nadiope is demanding for Shs2 billion in compensation to let go of her husband, the Kyabazinga William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope.The Busoga king is expected to wed his chosen Inebantu Jovia Mutesi this Saturday, 18th November 2023.But the royal wedding which has attracted the attention of the whole nation was left hanging in balance after United Kingdom based Alison Anne, saying she’s the official wife of the Kyabazinga, petitioned the Church of Uganda not to preside over the wedding between the Busoga king and Ms Mutesi, the chosen Inhebantu.

Through her lawyers, Mugerwa and Partners Advocates, Alison Anna revealed thatMs Anna further insisted that she is legally married to Kyabazinga and they have two kids; Muyise Mitchell (8) and Josephine Katali (6). The document further reads the pair celebrated their civil marriage in December, 2016 at Milldam Bunbaby House.

The couple met in 2015, she told us.“This serves to notify the church of our client’s objection and request that the honorable Church of Uganda does not proceed to wed Mr William Kadhumbula Gabula the Kyabazinga of Busoga with Ms Jovia Mutesi, during the subsistence of our client’s marriage as the same would amount to bigamy and contrary to church canons,” reads the petition in part.

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Ms Persia Faith Wakabi who received the petition on behalf of the Busoga Bishop acknowledged the reception of the document saying; “Yes it is true, yesterday, I received that petition on behalf of the Busoga Bishop and I handed it over to him.”“The rest is in the hands of the Church,” she added.

Alison Anna has demanded a compensation of Shs2 billion for her to let go of the matter.She revealed she invested a lot of money in the king and therefore wanted her money back.Pressed on how much she invested, Alison Anna said: “I have invested up to Shs750 million in Nadiope since I met him in 2015. However, let them pay me Shs2 billion and I will leave him in peace. I invested lots of money in the king, I can’t now let another woman I enjoy the fruits of my sweat.”In a candid interview, a clearly hurting Alison Anna revealed she had proof of all the transactions she made for the king. She further revealed that for one of Kyabazinga’s house, she bought roofing material worth shs9 million from Roofings Limited.

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For years, Alison Anna said she would avail the king with money for upkeep, massage and salon.“Nadiope would spend Shs500k on his hair every week, shs600k for massage per week. I paid for all this. I bought him expensive gifts like designer watches, wallets, shoes etc. All this for what? I want to be compensated,” Alison charged.She also said she bought him the Samsung phone he holds for Shs10 million.Alison further revealed that he was meant to meet with the Kyabazinga this past week for talks in Dubai. However meeting didn’t happen.She further revealed that when she met him 2015, she didn’t even know he was a royal. They just hit it off and fell in love. They married the following year and even got him a UK citizenship.

On top of the king’s exorbitant lifestyle that Alison singlehandedly funded, she also sponsored the king’s PhD studies which cost 17500 pounds.She also revealed to us that she’s been paying workers at the king’s farm. Each worker has been earning shs390k monthly.“Former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is aware of all this and I have shared all proof with her,” she added.She further reveals the king was poisoned and she had to look after him in hospital.Pressed on why the king could have dumped her for Inebantu Mutesi, Alison Anna said all this is the work of kingdom Prime Minister Joseph Muvawala, whom she describes as a fraud. She says Muvawala easily manipulates the king and makes all decisions on his behalf.Little, she adds, the king doesn’t know he (Muvawala) is using him for sinister motives like land grabbing and others

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