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Kabuleta Responds to president Museveni after banning imported used Clothes

Ssemaganda Moses Hope



Following Mr. Museveni’s executive ban on the importation of used clothes.
This continues to prove that he is detached from Uganda. It is on record that he spends 1 million on clothing daily

This move is a direct attack on the 16 million vulnerable poor that he purports to help in his scam program PDM.

We know Mr. Museveni is probably preparing this for the middle class which we think that this class does not exist in Uganda, A lot of Ugandan’s livelihoods depend on these businesses


We think this will breed robbery and consequently, many lives will be lost in the process, we appeal to everyone to negate this delusional government policy

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The government should instead create an enabling environment by removing bottlenecks that frustrate local investors and revitalizing large-scale cotton farming operations to facilitate the production of new clothes. Not until that is done government ever think of banning used clothes


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