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Jubilation as 281 join the Faith of Unity

Ssemaganda Moses Hope



281 people have joined the many believers of the faith of Unity of Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka on a three days trip of teaching the word of Ruhaga “Oneness” as His mandate of Stopping and ending Disunity in the World Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka ‘s Faith of Unity is strongly gaining weight in numbers of believers for atleast over thousands join on daily ,weekly or monthly basisOver the weekend from 8th September till 11th September Owobusobozi Bisaka has spend time with believers and none believers gathered at Kaziizi Village , Village Play ground in Bugango Subcounty , Insigiro district teaching about Oneness where He much more emphasized people gathered to rethink about the African Traditional and exported religions to Africa because have never wished us we’ll , Owobusobozi said “it’s only the Faith of Unity which unites everyone with no conditions of who he or she but considering everyone as a child of Ruhaga

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On a three day massive Tour Owobusobozi Bisaka’s teaching left over 231 two hindered thirsty one Ugandans in Ankole Particular Insigiro district and fifty ( 50) from Tanzania joined the Faith of Unity making a total of 281 who by then where none believers but now believers

Who some where healed even before joining , on the last day of the teaching Many new believers testified how Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka healed them a one Rugusa Anorld a 79 year old who had spent 10 years with out sleeping well thanked Owobusobozi Bisaka for the instant healing since he had the best night after tens years

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Owobusobozi started His teaching by thanking the president of Uganda for the peace and Security in Uganda which has helped in the expansion and development of the faith of Unity ” Because of the Peace and. Security in Uganda we are free to teach Obumu *Oneness* any time any day and anywhere without any security threats I therefore extend my dearly thanks to our President for the work done ” Owobusobozi Says Believers in different Bukwenda thanked Owobusobozi for healing and blessing them and also giving them the Faith of Unity calender which gives them more time of Working than Praying and Resting as the whites

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