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EAC partner State’s agree on eleven actions to strengthen Food safety and Regulations in the Region

Ssemaganda Moses Hope



The high-evel East African Community (EAC) regional meeting for policy and decison makers on Food Safety and Codexactvites in theEAC has resoved to implement elevenactions, in a bid to intensifyFood Safetyand Codexin the region.The meeting also adopted 4 (four) policy briefs that provide recommendations on mtigating the impact of current Food Safety issues of interest in the region.The meeting,hosted by Uganda Natonal Bureau of Standards (UNBS), which is the Codex Contact Point in Uganda,with support from the Food and Agriculture organisation(FAO)of the United NationsandWorld Health Organsation(WHO) underthe EACCODEX Forum washeld nEntebbe Uganda and caledforthe followingactions;ImprovedEAC Partner States engagement in regional and international standard-setting bodies to contrbute effectively to the development of food safety standards.

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Increased investment in Food Safety and Codex, includng capacity buildng for value chain actors, to manage risks and ensure compliance with food standards.Enhancedfoodborne disease surveilance and monitoring by improvng aboratory capacity, data collecton, anayss, and reporting.Promotion of research on Food Safetyfocused on developing new technologes, methodologes, and best practices to enhance food safety management systems and mtigate foodborne risks.

Support for the implementation of regonal and national food safety policies, frameworks, and strategies.Strengtheningreguatory mechanismsby developingand enforcingrobust food safety policies, regulations, and standards to enhance regulatory mechanisms.Fosterng regional and nternational collaboration among Partner States to enhance food safety practces, facilitate trade and establish partnerships and knowledge-sharing networks.

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Encouragingstrong partnerships between the public and prvate sectors to promote knowledge transfer, technology adoption, and joint intiatives in food safety throughout the value chain.Devisingpractical strategies to undertake awareness and education of the public and stakeholders along the food value chain on Food Safety and Codex matters.

Promotingadopton of appropriate technology and innovation to enhance food safety tracking and data analysis.Durng the meeting, the Guest of Honour who is also Uganda’s Minster of Health,Hon. Dr. Jane Ruth AcengOcero, emphasized the need for harmonisation ofregulatory mechanismsto ensure safe food for consumers and smooth trade flowin the EAC region.

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