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Carol Nantongo Eats Own Vomit, Distances Self from Accusing Stacia Mayanja of Bewitching her.

Ssekanjako Deus



In a bitter twist of events, singer Carol Nantongo has eaten her own vomit by distancing herself from pinning former band member Stecia Mayanja of bewitching her.

The ‘Kamese Tambula’ fame singer is so disappointed by the media cutting words on her by publishing a story pinning former Golden Band member, Hajjat Stecia Mayanja for bewitching her yet she actually never revealed her life tormentor.

It should be remembered that a few days ago while appearing on Galaxy TV’s Sunday show with Mr.Henrie, Nantongo shocked many as she revealed that she was bewitched by fellow artiste to the extent of losing her sanity in 2016 due to her quick rise to Music success which never pleased many of her colleagues in her former band group (Golden).


According to Nantongo, Carol Nantongo, the media should rewatch her previous interview instead of involving Stecia Mayanja in her previous testimony since she didn’t say anything about her including witchcraft, or even mentioned her name.

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“Media yeuganda mukyuusa bigambo eeeh? when did i mention Stecia nti she bewitched me???? Eeh . Did i mention aname????
They didn’t watch the interview even, they just come to a conclusion about what they want. Anyway whatever!! I didn’t mention her name about the bewitching story
bantu mwe! Omukazi mumulekee”, she wrote.

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