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Bebe Cool Pledges to Help Bedridden Da Mighty Family Comedian Sammy

Ssekanjako Deus



Regardless of the difference in political ideologies, Big Size Bebe Cool has pledged to help bedridden Da Mighty Family comedian Sammy.

The NUP Party staunch supporter has for months been battling for his life on his sick bed reportedly suffering from gastrointestinal issues in Qatar.

While appearing in a recent video clip, Sammy who was visibly in too much pain revealed that he suspects being poisoned by unknown people.


Critics had since then started throwing jibes at the opposition NUP Party for abandoning one of their own despite Sammy’s overwhelming medical costs yet he lacks a sustainable source of income then

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Upon Rasta learning the development, he was saddened that a young Ugandan is sick and going through a hard time

Bebe then pledged to support Sammy in case his support is needed and revealed that despite their different political ideologies, everyone needs to be alive and healthy to enjoy the Uganda of tomorrow.


“Sad as a young Ugandan is sick and going through a hard time. We may have different political opinions but the fact remains we all need to be alive and healthy to enjoy our country Uganda today and tomorrow. The young man you have my prayers and incase anyone is handling him, please reach out coz i would like to support him incase my support is needed. May Allah see you through. Quick recovery Sammy mighty family.”-Bebe Cool

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